A mountain’s guide to Self-awareness

โ€ฆTale of a semi-romantic urban indoor girl who has just come back from her second trek(causing mini heart-attacks to her parents and guide, again...)..

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...and I picked out one photo with my usual grin, saying 'this one's good'. My friends grudgingly said 'it's the saddest smile of yours, and you never stop dawning it!'. Apparently they always hated that usual grin of mine...

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Tale of a harmless narcissist

...This sums up my answers for all the questions I asked myself before picking up a dress or putting on any make-up...All we can do is being vigilant about our choices and minimizing the effects of these toxic beauty standards. But every time? Whenever we get ready for something?...my harmless narcissism is saving my days...

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Today’s song: Muqabala (It’s a face-off)

...This is the timeless composition of Rahman where a 21 year-old Prabhu Deva took the country in storm with his iconic MJ feat Tollywood dance moves! Nothing short of a milestone for Indian film industry and history of dance, enjoy this legendary song from the 90s..

Today’s song: Enjoy

...'Sex without touching': probably the best expression of what we want to mean by 'pure enjoyment', and probably as improbable as that. This is Bjรถrk with her unique musicality, giving voice to the wordless and shapeless thoughts from the deepest and darkest corners of mind...

Today’s song: Dhaani

...Literally evergreen song Dhaani (the colour of growing paddy field) with a soothing dhaani-n-blue themed video- probably shows the band's vision of a dependable sympathetic world equally run by women...

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