Going offline in style

img_20181101_041834_027-114158984.jpgAre you going offline? More important, do you intend to come back? Even more important, do you intend to come back to a previous audience who love and follow your social media presence?

If you are just pissed off by the banalities that social media offers (like my Facebook homepage, so depressing that I rarely visit outside some select timelines, mine included), and you want to take a break from some of these depressing platforms, good for you! Go nuts and snip’em off! Unfriend, unfollow, deactivate or wipe clean everything! Burn the freakin’ house down! But if you are genuinely taking a ‘break’ from building up your social media accounts and very much wish to resume, let’s do that in style:

  1. Schedule posts: if you don’t want anyone to notice that you are gone for a while, work overtime before break and schedule  posts during your absence. img_20181101_041700_3711035512618.jpgWordPress has already got this covered with their in-built post scheduling options under Post settings. For other platforms, there are amazing social media managing and scheduling apps like Buffer, Hootsuite, Crowdfire etc and plethora of articles all around the web to guide you through.
  2. Manual schedule: If you don’t feel like taking this technical trip, and don’t have contents that can’t do without yourimg_20181101_041723_7401752916207.jpg personal touch at the time of getting published (and definitely don’t have massive trust issues like I have), then just find a trustworthy friend and ask them to manage your accounts temporarily. Sweet and simple!
  3. Make announcement: Feeling no love for technology, and can’t stand people outside virtual world? Show love and care for the virtual people and make them a lovely announcement that you are going on vacation for this period and  you are going to miss them. img_20181101_041803_035-1679188700.jpg Because you will. It’s true, no matter what you do there and how you pretend to digitally detox yourself. In every two days or so, after taking a nice picture or having some cool experience your digital babies will pop up in your head, if you know what I mean. Our life has been digitized long ago: cold truth, irreversible. So let’s not run away and embrace that reality. And on this note,
  4. Never forget what you will be coming back to: ‘Just need a break’ is probably the most common phrase we use under pressure. But break from what? And what after break? ‘Break’ is overrated. Break doesn’t solve problems, reduce pressure, or cure you. It diverts mind and re-energize sure. But if you get too diverted, all those newly-gained energy will be sucked away the moment you step back in your old pressure cooker. So let’s remember once what to expect after break- more piled up pending works, closer deadlines, bursting inboxes (with mini panic attacks over late responses of important messages) or near-zero unread messages (reminding of the sad boring life you had left behind), same old personal mess, new unseen episodes of your favorite series (yay!), Instagram account like washed-over sandcastle and obligation of writing guilt-post like this if you haven’t worked harder before break and acted like I did this time.

I have been offline for precisely half-month this October, and not in style. I was a mess work-wise, and even messier social media-wise. So I sat over the boulders, took pictures, scribbled ideas in my pad and consoled myself while not hyperventilating. If I want to share pictures  and write blogs, I must go offline sometimes and live new stories, make new pictures. That’s the way. But next time, definitely in style.



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