Today’s song: Breathless

24 September, 2016

No, this song was not sung in a single breath, neither did it make any world record; it was recorded in several parts and mixed in the studio, perfectly executing this concept song (though the singer later performed the song live in many occasions, almost sounding breathless thanks to his brilliant singing skill). This is the title song of Shankar Mahadevan’s first solo album ‘Breathless'(1998). The songs were composed by Shankar himself and lyrics written by Javed Akhtar. That time the trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy was yet to rise to their fame. The album starts with ‘Breathless’, a lovestory of heartbreak and broken dreams, and ends with ‘Breathless reprise’, finishing the story with recovering heart and finding those dreams again. When joined together, these two breathless songs create a wave of overwhelming emotions- peak of joy, deepest despair and redemption; like the story of two consecutive heartbeats of a cardiograph seen under microscope. These waves pass us everyday, short, countless, like heartbeats. But if one wave becomes longer, we almost certainly fail to see the redemption part and stop at the first song. Like, I haven’t seen a single performance combining the reprise verse as well. Let’s stay a bit more breathless and catch the next beat as well, keeping the life moving.

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