Today’s song: Yaaram (My friend)

5 November, 2016

Another marvelous creation of the composer-lyricist pair Vishal Bhardwaj and Gulzar, this song is from Kannan Iyer’s 2013 supernatural thriller (based on the short story ‘Mobius Trips’ by Mukul Sharma), ‘Ek thi dayaan’. Performed by Sunidhi Chauhan and Clinton Cerejo, the song features Kalki Kochlin performing the song in her housewarming party. Urban, sassy and extremely flirtatious, the two paragraphs of the song (the second one is sung out of a Gulzar’s book of poetry by the hero as in an impromptu manner) present a Mehfil-style dialog between two yaar (lovers) from the era of smartphones and corporates. The ultimate romantic lyrics of Gulzar, the voice of Sunidhi and the score of Bhardwaj (specially those guitar strings) with the gorgeous on-screen presence of Kalki- it just sets the mood of the party, or of anytime basically.

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