Today’s song: Kabhi aisa lagta hai (Sometimes it feels like..)

4 February, 2017

One of the signature creations of Lucky Ali with lyrics of Sameer, this is the title track of his fourth studio album ‘Kabhi Aisa lagta hai’ (2004). The song is a breezy and rythmic romantic number with those refreshing string notes, very common for a Lucky Ali song. But the main attraction of this song from our schooldays actually were the cast of the official music video by Rahul L Sood; apart from the veteran composer-singer the video starred two gorgeous then-newcomers-Muzammil Ibrahim and Nisha Rawal. Muzammil was this extremely beautiful guy with cool moves to make our heart skip a beat (which was not at all the case as I watched it later, it was his charming smiling face which dazzled us and covered that he couldn’t dance at all). But what all of us used to wait for was the bright 1000-Watt smile of Nisha; and it’s not just me, checked with other girls of our batch too, her smile used to make our day! Watched the original video made for this song by Mahesh Mathai later, which has much better story than the official release but got cancelled for commercial reasons. But still I am sharing the official one here, just too much nostalgia.

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