Today’s song: Shiawase no Yokan / Foreboding Happiness

10 February, 2017

Foreboding happiness, or fearing to be happy in anticipation that something bad will follow; surprisingly this was the ending song of the story of such a girl who never stopped smiling and never stopped going on in a journey of never-ending miseries, or probably it was for the viewers like us who always wondered how she survived a life of hardship like hers with such grace and innocence. Written by Fumiko Okada, composed by Katsuhisa Hattori and performed by Youca, this is the ending song of the 26-episode Japanese anime series of Nippon Animation ‘Le Making Ko Remi’ or ‘Homeless child Remi'(1996-97), which was later dubbed in English and other regional languages and broadcast in full length by Animax network with the title ‘Remi, Nobody’s Girl’. The beautiful anime series was inspired by the 1878 French novel ‘Sans famille’ written by Hector Marlot. The story was about Rémi, an orphan (originally a boy in the novel), and her journey of survival after being abandoned by her foster parents and finally finding her real parents and happiness at the end. This series made my summer vacation of class ten, along with few other gems like this(that time they used to come in Hindi). I never understood one word of this song, always cried whenever they played it in background and had been searching it since then, like forever. God bless this Youtuber who not only uploaded but provided a translation of the lyrics as well.

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