Today’s song: Patakha guddi (Fiery little girl)

13 March, 2017

This powerhouse song is from Imtiaz Ali’s ‘Highway'(2014); written by Irshad Kamil and composed by A.R. Rahman, this is the song which made the Punjabi sufi singing duo Jyoti Nooran and Sultana Nooran, famously known as the Nooran sisters, a household name in the playback world of Bollywood. There is another rock version of this song with slightly different lyrics appearing at the end of the movie which is sung by Rahman himself. I never found such a philosophy to be liberating and strengthening which suggests to leave your life to God’s will and move forward with conviction believing you will be lead to your destiny, as I understand whatever stops one from worrying and deciding for their own life, simply weakens and binds them as no one can care and rightly decide for a life more than its owner. But something about this song didn’t let that sense reach me; maybe it’s the strength of that conviction, or the simple theory that God lies within us only and thus and all we need is to accept us as who we are.

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