Today’s song: Dhaani

14 April, 2017

Literally evergreen song Dhaani (the colour of growing paddy field) is the title track of ‘Dhaani'(2003), the fourth studio album of Pakistani band Strings. Strings started their journey in 1988 with four college students-Faisal, Bilal, Rafiq and Kareem, came to a pause when the members decided to focus on their education for the time being, and resumed with Faisal and Bilal in 2000. Written by poetess Zehra Nigah and composed by lead guitarist Bilal Maqsood, the song is sung by lead vocalist Faisal Kapadia. The soothing dhaani-and-blue themed video directed by Jamshed Mehmood shows a number of women engaged in various occupations like drivers of HCV and LCV, garage mechanic or waitress in pice hotel (i.e. professions primarily dominated by men) whom the artists meet and get help after a breakdown of their car-probably their vision of a dependable sympathetic world equally run by women. And famous actress Zeba Bakhtiyar also makes a delightful guest appearance outside the recording room (we forever wondered who that beautiful lady was).

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