Today’s song: Azaad hoon main (I am Free)

23 May, 2017

The firm, fearless and uninhibited voice of a rebellious youth straight from the streets, ‘Azaad hoon main’(2017) is the latest single of Naezy which, like any other of his raps, talks about life as he sees it from the gullys (ghetto streets) ace. His writing generally addresses social causes like corruption, inequality, poverty, integrity of the lower strata of society as well as the materialistic banality of present mainstream rap scenario of India. However, this one is more personal in nature where he raps about freedom of choice and opinion, and courage to find a distinct self-identity: a lot of which has been drawn from his own struggle of becoming a rapper despite his conservative family and social background. It’s the first song to have been released under Saavn’s Artist Original Program, created especially for promoting independent and underground artists of South Asia .

Naved Sheikh, known by his stage name Naezy, is currently one of the most promising underground rappers of India. A slum boy from Kurla, Mumbai, Naezy uploaded his first song ‘Aafat’ on YouTube in 2014 which he shot with his friends on an ipad. Since then Naezy has done 7 singles and several collaborative works with other underground artists (like ‘Mere gully mein’ with rapper Vivian Fernandes ‘Divine’ ,another rising star from Mumbai). His collaborations with mainstream media includes ‘Yaad Rakh’ with Benny Dawal in The Dewarists (season 5, 2016) and multi-starrer song ‘Birju’ from the movie ‘Hey Bro’(2015). He is currently working on his debut album, definitely something to look forward for.

This was how he used to be in mid-2017. Naezy has come a long way since his humble beginning and become a household name after the famed ‘Gully boy‘. Check out his works and current bio on his YouTube channel! (And also check out ‘Bombay 70‘, the engaging short documentary film on his life)

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