Today’s song: Enjoy

14 July, 2017

Smelling without the urge of tasting, seeing without the urge of feeling, or rather ‘sex without touching’. The song explains the complexity of enjoyment in simplest possible words, and also gives some peace to thousands of brilliant unhappy unsatisfied minds who curse themselves for being too complicated and not being able to simply have fun and be satisfied with life. Because simply being satisfied is not the nature of an alive human mind; it is curious, exploring and dynamic, and sometimes needs to lose the fear of sinking the claws instead of scratching surface. Enjoy is a song from ‘Post'(1995), the second studio album of Björk, written, composed and produced jointly with Tricky, a British musician and pioneer of trip hop music. The Icelandic music legend Björk is known for her unique musical language of feeling and interpreting nature through electronica, while giving words to the deepest, darkest, voiceless and faceless sensations of human mind. Her music is like those extra lives, always there to find when life kicks us out of the game. 

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