Sinful dialogues #1

In these days I have read a number of pieces on creating safe places, finding own community, self-care, taking small breaks (if possible) and re-energize. We live in the age of Instagram. Our concept of timespan is shrinking. Most of us have lived in peaceful time so far (unless we’re born around the river Jhelum). I am sure, many of us are still grasping the idea that we have already entered a lifetime of movements and persecution under a fascist regime. I mean there’s still election and democracy and shit, how can it be, right? Believe me (I’m grasping it with every single word I’m typing),we have. The internet shutdown in India during 2019 is Highest worldwide for any democratic country. And India has been a democracy since its birth, it’s neither new, nor small. I don’t know how to survive this, absolutely no idea if there’s even a future or I have the stomach to live in that kind of future (I’m scared to find either answer for the last one). But till then we have to keep up with our commitments- professional, social, political, personal. Like we the girls haven’t stopped getting married, or parking our scooty at night, you know what I mean. A professor of mine once told us to be like the line of ants: even if the line gets broken with angry human thumbs, they don’t break the discipline and find another way. And yes, they can move mountains! In last two weeks, I have perfectly understood that we are nothing more than those ants before the thumbs of the government, can be wiped off anytime. But we keep on going till then. So let’s make those safe places, talk to our people, get on with the work-schedule and make ourselves at home. Because this is how we are going to live the rest of our lives.
Educate. Agitate. Organize.

I never thought this is going to be my first one with them. In fact I was on my way to make something happy. I updated my bio few months ago to tell that things will be gloomy for 2019-2020. I am going to change it again because I don’t know when it will be sunny again, if at all. My country is changing, bad and rapid. We are no activist, and we haven’t been hurt materially (including physical injury). Our internet is still on. But others are not. And I can’t see much into the future. We will keep walking, as long and as far as we can.

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