Today’s song: Pluto

5 September, 2017

Pluto is one of the rawest and most violent songs of Björk; it is from her fourth album ‘Homogenic’ (1997), co-written and produced with Mark Bell. Although the song didn’t have any official music video, Lynn Fox, a London-based small collective of graphic artists, designers and videographers, directed visuals of five songs (including this one) for Björk’s fifth international tour, ‘Greatest Hits Tour’ (2003) and casted the eminent Icelandic actor Ingvar Sigurdsson for Pluto’s video, as suggested by the singer herself. Referring the mythological and astrological significance of Pluto as the Great Renewer- ruling planet of destruction, purger and regeneration or rebirth, the song suggests an ‘explode’, a violent self-destruction of the body followed by a brand new self, probably stronger and happier. Sure suicide doesn’t work that way, but this feeling or expectation is just too familiar to escape. I don’t know if anyone actually clicks over these links, but check out this one at own risk- here a guy masturbates and literally explodes into several limb-like shapes.

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