About A Voice

Understanding this world around and all its complexities through personal experiences of family, career, mental health, society, economy and the cultural world;

If this voice ever reaches you, and you feel like listening more, know that someone’s out there listening to you too. And your voice matters. You are not alone.

We are into this together.  

  • We share stories twice in every month (hopefully, as the author has serious mood swings)
  • And we share music while we live the next story
  • All the pictures are taken or created by author unless stated otherwise

An update: The year of 2019-2020 is going to be a bit irregular and inactive since we are going through huge work-loads and deadlines! The stories so far have been angry and sad scribbles offline, and only few of them got online after passing through intense scrutiny and removal of endless whining, tiring self-hatred and erm…occasional curse words. Unfortunately this trend is likely to continue throughout this year. Enjoy the good old stuffs till then.

We’ll be back in gear soon!

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