About my music diary

This is something I started in July, 2016, inspired by a 7-day music challenge chain game from Facebook (where the nominated person is supposed to post one song daily for 7 days while nominating another friend with each post). I skipped the 7-days and tagging part and made it a daily thing.

A lot of people asked me what all this was about and I mostly dodged them. It’s the first time I am actually speaking about this. It was that time when I realized some difference in my general feeling-low phases. I realized I don’t feel like singing anymore, singing being my only talent I took some training for (and I absolutely love to record and hear my singing voice).  The online surveys were indicating towards mild depression and severe anxiety. I was not ready to talk about it, forget about seeing a doctor. The moment I got nominated by a friend, I instinctively came up with this idea and posted a song with a brief description the very next day. I turned it into a habit. I tried to be as random as possible in selecting the songs and tried to keep them farthest possible from what’s happening  in my personal life. My first target was 1 month. But by then this home remedy started effecting, I was listening and learning about new songs and new kinds of music again. There was no point of stopping. From then on, I carefully curated my Facebook timeline and tried not to post anything but my daily songs unless it is absolutely necessary (like a local communal riot or movement against some serious crime which needs awareness and voice). I never forgot to turn off the notification, so that I never post in expectation of others’ appreciation. It’s a tricky thing to trick own mind, but it worked to some extent. I wrote about those songs with the sole purpose of making me happy- instant happiness the moment I visit and scroll my timeline. That purpose is definitely fulfilled. Some friends messaged me and told that those posts cheered them up too- a little bonus, like happiness messages in bottle, floating in sea and reaching some stranger. It was a home remedy with its limitation. And it was definitely not a continuous journey. But somehow I didn’t let it go completely. I still post.

I will not be hurrying to catch up with present date and post the pieces mostly as they are.


And I sincerely thank all the sites and blogs on various platforms, active, once active or inactive (leaving behind just their online footprints), for their relentless effort of appreciating and documenting art and artists as a whole which not only helped me with information and knowledge, but also inspired me to search and learn even more. I couldn’t add the reference links in my Facebook posts for obvious reasons and most certainly don’t remember the exact references 2 years later. I apologise for this from the bottom of my heart. Hence I dedicate this little project of mine to all such bloggers out there who make the world a little more musical every day.

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