Today’s song: Muqabala (It’s a face-off)

...This is the timeless composition of Rahman where a 21 year-old Prabhu Deva took the country in storm with his iconic MJ feat Tollywood dance moves! Nothing short of a milestone for Indian film industry and history of dance, enjoy this legendary song from the 90s..


Today’s song: Azaad hoon main (I am Free)

… 'I am free, I am rebel, I am courage, I am daredevil.. I am the voice of street'- one of the best rapper of India, from Bombay 70 to every street of India, Naezy has truly risen from the underground to rock the world!...

Today’s song: Chudiyan khanak gaye (The bangles tingled)

...a beautiful ballad about the eternal pain of separation and waiting,this piece invokes every bit of those emotions and sense of beauty that the classic musical world of Bollywood stands for: melodies, confluence of traditional and contemporary music, and dance moves expressed with color, passion and aesthetics from the heart of India...

Today’s song: Shikayatein (Complaints)

...Taking a break from escaping reality, healing the wound instead of cut it off, mending the broken instead of getting an exchange and 'building a nest of light cradling the darkness inside...for a spotless new morning': a song of turning back and face the life...

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